Awards ceremony in Tokyo, Spring 2017.


Clinical Cases Contest.

Participate now, Japan is waiting for!

Just a few simple steps for registration

 Download the template

Download here the template, in .ppt format. All the entries should have the same formal presentation.

 Fill the info of the treatment

Fill the template, including 2 Before and After pictures, and all the information about the treatment and used methods. The jury will appreciate also the details in explanation.

 Finally, submit your best cases

When you fill the form, submit to: In the subject line of the email, please introduce your name and country. Thanks.

We are pleased to share the success of our doctors, and how JBP products still have a prestige brand and a reputation. To continue providing the best value reputation and aesthetic works, JBP and V LIFT PRO, launches the new edition of JBP TROPHY 2016, unifying the trophy for everyone and the Ceremony in Tokyo in spring 2017.

Of course, we want to thank all the professionals involved in these issues, it is a luxury to have their jobs, and of course the guests as Scientific Committees Press.

Dr. Vicenta Llorca
General Manager, Scientific Advisor JBP Europe – V LIFT PRO
Winner Best Tightening Threads Case 2015 Anti-Aging Beauty Trophy


Scientific Committee:

Presid.: Dra. Vicenta Llorca (Spain)

Dr. Vicente Alonso Usero (Spain)
Dra. Mercedes Eguiluz (Spain)
Dra. Martha Arango (Colombia)
Dra. Carmen Moren (Chile)
Dra. Nora Petralli (Argentina)
Dra. Viveka Tinoko (Ecuador)

Press Committee:
Ms. Pepa Gea (Spain)

Requirements for registration

Send your best case before March 31st.
The winners will receive the flight to Japan, with the stay and 1,000 € in JBP products.

  1. All products used will be exclusively JBP products.
  2. All photographs must be taken:
  • Before the completion of treatment
  • After 1 month
  • After 3 months
  • After 6 months.

In the case where it had made a retouch after either treatment must specify the type of treatment and the product used and elapsed time.

3.Photographs should always be performed at the same location and under the same conditions:

  • In standing or sitting (ideally on a blue background)
  • No makeup, if the first was taken with ribbon in her hair, successive be presented in the same way.
  • The same is done with the body.

Award Ceremony II JBP Trophy Europe Edition, Málaga.

Japan is waiting us, join now.



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