3ª generación Hilos PDO
3ª generación Hilos PDO
3ª generación Hilos PDO

Genesis, the future is different.

Last generation of absorbable threads.



Genesis doesn’t use needle, it use cannula, also with the patent Micron Sharpness, ensuring better control and less trauma.


UPS 2.0 - 0.0

The use of thicker gauges, increases the lifting effect  with a stronger tension. These sizes range from 20G to 23G.


360º COGS

In this 3rd generation, the cogs are tightening in 4 directions, like an spiral 360ª. This provides more fixing to the tissue.


Using just a single point of entry, there is a visible decrease of trauma, both internal and external, without treatment signals, improving the patient experience.

Why Genesis?

JBP launches Genesis as a new step to the future treatments using PDO Threads. Evolution has led to the use of cannula,  with thicker gauges, increasing the tension, but causing less trauma. This advance sets JBP as a leading brand in innovation and high quality products. The company was also awarded Best Tightening Thread Case,  AMEC Paris 2015, another example of the excellence of Genesis.





Cogs in 4 directions.

Thicker gauges with a single entry point.

2 envelopes with 12 units (Blister of 6 individual threads).

Box contains 24 PDO threads with cogs in 4 directions.

Cogs in 4 directions.

Thicker gauges with a single entry point.

2 envelopes with 12 units (Blister of 6 individual threads).

Each box contains 24  PDO threads with cogs in 4 directions .

Single entry point technique.

Genesis enhances the satisfaction for the professional and the patient, getting an effect of higher tension with a single entry point. Punch using needle, and then insert the cannula in 3 directions, as shown in the diagram. The used threads causes higher tension, so this combination of vectors ensures an immediate and lasting tension effect. One of the bigger advantages is there are not signs of treatment, both internal and external decreases drastically.

Genesis in action.

Vídeo of Dra. Vicenta Llorca showing the application of the new PDO Threads Genesis.

Before and after

Dra. Vicenta Llorca example, awarded with the Best Tithtenig Thread Case 2015, Antiaging Beauty Trophy Euromedicom.

Facial lifting using threads with cogs Genesis 4D.

Treatment performed using 2 threads of 20G gauge. Immediate results with which Genesis received the award for Best Thread Case in 2015.

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Our difference.

Pioneer brand in Placental Extracts and Nanoconcept, our differences and our added value make us a strong world leader.


More than 60 years of experience, founded in 1954 and the highest quality standards.

Clinical studies

Thousands of cases and clinical analysis, more than 7,000 in Caucasian population.

Registration P.I. Procedure V LIFT PRO®

Exclusive registered technology, that optimizes the best results with the 3 differents PDO Threads generations.

International Awards

Best Tightening Thread Case 2015, Antiaging Beauty Trophy, Euromedicom AMEC Paris 2015.

Presence in the best Congress

National and International, presentations and workshops of our Scientific Department.

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Department Technovigilance

Scientific Department, batch control, full traceability and product tracking.

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