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Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

How can patients purchase Laennec Injection personally?

Laennec Injection is ethical drug, that is available to medical doctors only.

I am a doctor interested in using JBP’s anti-aging products in my clinic. Is this possible?

For doctors, plastic surgeons, and other proffesionals, please feel free to visit placenta-jbp.eu/store and log in with your account to buy the JBP lineup. If you have any issue with the process of registration or shopping, please, contact newsletter@vlift.org.

Is JBP planning to attend any international conferences/congresses with more information about the company?

JBP currently has plans to attend various events around the world during this  year. Please see our Events page for events we shall be attending.

I purchased (JBP product) through an unofficial seller, what now?

JBP’s official distributors can be found on this website. JBP is not legally obligated to patients who purchase our products outside of the verified and supported means.

Can you purchase LAENNEC and other JBP products in North America?

Several JBP Products are currently under license processing with the FDA. Once the licenses are completed, several JBP products will be available through various means. Please keep an eye on our website’s news or feel free to contact us with further questions.

I am looking to become a distributor of JBP’s medical products, how may I go about this?

JBP’s products can be sold through various medical officials and companies. If you are interested in more information about contracts, prices, as well as country guidelines, please feel free to contact us in this form, or send a mail to info@jbpeurope.eu.

Where can I purchase JBP Products?

Prospective clients, doctors, clinics, etc. have several options to buy JBP lineup products. The quick and simply way is to visit our ONLINE STORE, if you want to contact with our sales Department, you can contact by mail in the address info@jbpeurope.eu. Feel free to choose your purchase method.

I'm trying to purchase but I can't?

We don’t sell to the following countries or regions: Italy and Latin America. To purchase from these regions you should contact with our Sales Department, info@jbpeurope.eu.

Still have doubts? Contact us!

You can contact us directly, write us to info@jbpeurope.eu or call us (+41) 442 146 706 or (+34) 966 322 600.

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